Posthuman Liner Notes now at

Todestrieb asked us to write a 15 year anniversary retrospective liner notes for the Posthuman album.

He has included each track from the album, and links to the references made therein.

Have a look, if you want to…

Video trailer

Void have released a video trailer for their upcoming show supporting Scuorn.

Click to view it.

The Third Album

Writing of the third VOID album nears completion.

The concept does not deviate from previous releases, rather it is distilled and magnified, becoming more determined in our ongoing quest to subvert the standards and limitations of the album format…

The Unsearchable Cassette 

Our Cassette EP "The Unsearchable Riches of Void" is finally out on general release.

Self-produced and released through Bad Princess Productions, The Unsearchable Riches of Void showcases the most ferocious side of the band, cutting black metal with…

Void return to the stage


You are invited to join us on Sunday May 20th at Nambucca London, in support of Scuorn on the final date of their Parthenope UK tour, with Shadowthrone and Disturbia. 

Void will be presenting, for the first…