BFI London Film Festival Short Films

With Audio Description by Bad Princess Productions
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Team Leader: Matt Jarman 
Project Manager: Sigrid Larsen 
Script Writers: Matt Jarman, Eamonn Lee, Gemma Sudra, Lærke Olsvig, Sonia Castelo Branco 
Voiceovers: Matt Jarman, Eamonn Lee, Earl Levi Jackson, Indira Zamir, Gemma Sudra 
Post Production & Mixing: Matt Jarman, Francesco Carrer, George Anagnostopoulos 

We described these 33 films in just over two weeks.

Kids Will Be Kids


Alana Hicks

Young Barbara’s mother has just been overcharged at the local supermarket and it’s up to her to go there and sort it out.

Runtime: 9 minutes

Content warning: this film contains scenes of racism.

AD: Matt Jarman
Mixed by: Francesco Carrer

An Everyday Act

Directed by Gavin Scott Whitfield

In committing one terrible act, 12-year-old Eric leaves his childhood behind. But he does so to help his family survive.

Runtime: 20 minutes

Content warning: this film contains scenes of violence.

AD: Matt Jarman

My Time to Shine


Directed by Elegance Bratton, Jovan James

Lynn is caught in a heady mix of depression and self-determination. After a debauched night of setting boundaries and crossing others, he realises his path is his own to define.

Runtime: 14 minutes

Content warning: this film contains scenes of drug use.

Closed captions available

AD Script: Lærke Olsvig & Matt Jarman
AD Voice & Mix: Matt Jarman