Lamratlazit1st, Brazil 2007 by Mike Ross

Lamratlazit1st: The Keith Matthew Wagner Band

Keith Thomas: Bass and Vocals
Matthew Jarman: Guitar and vocals
Wagner Antunes: Drums and vocals

#1: Intro
#2: Last One
#3: Sanctuary
#4: Let me write the lyrics first
#5: Keep on believing
#6: Breathe
#7: Fly

Drums recorded at Mario's studio, Grey's inn Road, London.

Guitars and vocals recorded at Kwisatz Haderach IV, Homerton, London.

Songs mixed by Barry Sage (2,5), Nick Howdle-Smith (3), Matt Jarman (1, 4, 7) & Csaba Arvai (6).


Sighted on a São Paulo Bus

Viver Sem Fronteiras?

LamRatLazIt1st Live at the 12 Bar 2007

LamRatLazIt1st at the Grosvenor 2010