Video Production

I began my journey as a video editor at University, working on Final Cut Pro to produce a short film and a music video, submitted towards my Music Technology degree. Not long afterwards I gained employment in the media industry, working with video for Deluxe, Technicolor and Disney. Nowadays I work mostly in Adobe Premiere Pro, creating music videos and short form video content. Here is a selection of my work.

My Youtube Channels

Las Astas

I wrote, directed and edited this music video for my own song "Intercepted" in 2016, also playing the role of the deer.

The footage was shot by cameraman Bernardo Bacciardi on a Sony AX7 camera.

Although Las Astas the band never quite came to fruition, the video was the result of a clear vision faithfully executed.


I have created a lot of video content for my metal band VOID over the years. The most recent being this music video for the song "The Horrid Lover The Scumscrubber", which tells the story of the emergence of the four characters of VOID. Shot by cameraman Tatu Mantovani, it was made on a minimal budget and directed and edited by me, here at Bad Princess.

In prequel to the Scumscrubber video above I created this short film about the emergence of the first of the four VOID characters, "V". Originally intended as the first in a set of four videos, unfortunately due to lack of time and budget, chapters O, I & D were only summarised in the music video above.

DSI Studio Cooperative

Animations for fun