My name is Matt Jarman. This is the summary of my life in media and when and where I met the people with whom I shaped my life. 

I was born in 1979, the second child of Paul Jarman and Beatriz Galimberti, a headteacher and a Uruguayan linguistics academic. I live in Walthamstow and am married to Sigrid Larsen, who runs the Engine House Media Services, with whom I have two children, Alma and Kaia.

I studied music at Tiffin School in Kingston-Upon Thames, developing an interest in Music Technology and composition and playing in bands with Richard Keeble, Nigel Taverner and Mat McNerney. After exams I spent time in central America, learning Spanish, then in 1999 returned to London to study a BA in Music Technology at Rose Bruford college in London, graduating with first class honours. On the course I met future collaborators Nick Howdle-Smith and Dan Warburton. During this time I furthered my interest in recording, releasing my first album with the band Void in 2002 and crediting the production to The Dissident Sound Industry.

At Rose Bruford I dedicated half of my studies to video editing and after graduation, gained work in the media industry.

My first job was in 2003 performing QA of DVD encodes for Deluxe Digital Studios. I was soon promoted to the AV department where I worked doing sound design for DVD menus, audio restoration and video encoding for two years. In 2004 I travelled to South America and in Såo Paulo met Wagner Antunes and the crew from Estudio Caffeine. I stayed for a year, upgrading the studio to record with local musicians.

In 2006 I returned to London and secured full time employment with SDI Media, where I furthered my media training under Gary Clarke. I also met my wife Sigrid, and Arvai Csaba, with whom I built a home studio for DSI. 

In 2008 I went freelance, working for Technicolor, BT, Disney, Queensway, IBF and Arise news agency amongst others. I also met Keith Thomas, Joe Burwood and Maxime Seiter around this time, and formed many of the bands that populate the music pages of this site. 

In 2011 I formed the Dissident Sound Industry rehearsal & recording studio in Tottenham with four partners; Keith Thomas, Nick Howdle-Smith, Maxime Seiter and Wagner Antunes.

In 2016 I formed Bad Princess Productions. 
I have been working with creatives like Bernardo Bacciardi, Tatu Mantovani & Francesco Carrer whilst continuing to provide technical and creative freelance services for The Engine House Media Services, Idle Productions and more.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Selfie outside the BPP studio