"Jadjow" is the fourth Full Length album by Avant-Garde Metal pioneers VOID, released on December 7th, 2023 on digital and 6 panel Digipak CD.
“Jadjow” was born out of the DHG Void Dancers tour in 2019, when VOID founding member and guitarist Matt Jarman and Camille Giraudeau (Dreams of the Drowned, Doedsmaghird) both played live guitar for Dødheimsgard.
Also present were DHG's bass player Lars Emil Måløy (If Nothing Is) and their live sound engineer George Geegor Anagnostopoulos. These four musicians decided to collaborate on a project, co-writing what became the fourth Void album.
The drums on the album were eventually performed by Tariq Zulficar (Atramentum), a long time collaborator of Camille's, based on Geegor's original arrangements.
In typical Void fashion, the music on “Jadjow” demonstrates a distinct departure from the previous releases, whilst paradoxically remaining quintessentially Void.
Skillfully mixing the aggressiveness of Black Metal with progressive music, a Post-Metal sensibility, Noise-like leads and syncopated, hyper-technical drumming, VOID managed to create something entirely unique and atypical, showcasing a voracious appetite for creating rich and complex soundscapes with incredible sense of purpose and direction. The vocals here are also extremely varied, melodic, at times choir-like, and play a massive role in redefining VOID's eccentricity, creating a multi-layered masterpiece of experimental music that manages to push the boundaries of both aggression and sophistication at the same time.
The dream-like artwork was exclusively created by previous Void vocalist Laura Katrin Weston.
FFO:, Dødheimsgard, Enslaved, Ved Buens Ende. 

Matt Jarman - Guitar (left) and Vocals
Lars Emil Måløy - Bass
Camille Giraudeau - Guitar (Right)
Tariq Zulficar - Drums

All music on "Jadjow" was written and arranged by Void with George Anagnostopoulos.
The lyrics were written by Void with contributions from Gerardo Serra and Joe Norman and arranged by Matt Jarman. Recorded by Void at Bad Princess Productions, HVN, Guest Room and Perishing Plastic Studios, 2020-2023.
Mixed by Raph Henry at Heldscalla Mastered by Benoit Roux at Drudenhaus
Cover art "Wandus: I think therefore I am" and all inlay art by Laura Weston
Layout and artistic supervision by Evokaos (Brucia Records)